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    A Family Full Of Opinions



    K-Y Brand Date Night-Review & Giveaway! 



    I am sure if you have followed me for a while you know I have posted before I love K-Y Brand products. I have never found a better personal lubricant than K-Y. I love they offer so many different things to make that special moment even better.  My personal K-Y favorites would have to be the warming massage oil and K-Y Intense.

    Valentine’s Day is not too far off and K-Y Brands wants to help make it extra special so they have teamed up with Moviefone to create a special limited time package. I think they have created the perfect Date Night for couples.


    Here is some details:

    K-Y® Brand has partnered with to offer an exclusive set of DATE NIGHT Packs, which combine K-Y® Brand’s portfolio of premium intimacy enhancement products with a voucher for $10 off movie tickets for two.

     These Date Night Packs are a perfect way for couple’s to spend Valentine’s Day together, both inside and outside of the bedroom.

     Additionally, Rite-Aid is offering a $25 voucher for when a consumer spends $25 on ANY combination of KY Brand products with their Rite Aid Wellness card. Combined with the packs, this is an amazing opportunity that totals to a maximum value of $35. The offer will run the weeks of 2/5 and 2/12.

    I know I am sold! I think that is an awesome deal. I am going to be getting some more K-Y Yours+Mine another one of my favorites, I will tell hubby we will be enjoying it if he promises to take me to a chick flick with those movies tickets : ) I think Valentine’s Day 2012 is going to be pretty awesome! Thanks K-Y!

    Connect with K-Y:

    Giveaway Time!

    Prize Details:

    One Lucky A Family Full of Opinions Reader will win a K-Y Date Night pack (includes Yours & Mine and a $10 off movie voucher)! 




    I will also receive a date night pack, no other compensation was provided. This is my honest opinion and I really do use K-Y : )


    Wuggle Pets Review


    If you have kids then I am sure you have seen the commercial for Wuggle Pets it is really catchy. My kids love to sing the jingle and beg me like crazy to order the Wuggle Pets. In fact my both Jack and Carly can recite the entire Wuggle Pets infomercial. Well we were super lucky and are getting to do a review of Wuggle Pets. I am going to share a little more information with you about Wuggle Pets and what is included in the starter kit and finish up with my opinion. Also all through the post you will notice photos of us trying out the Wuggle Pets.

    (insert personal photo)

    Info about Wuggle Pets:

    • Each Pet comes with its own Birth Certificate ~ you name it yourself
    • Wuggle Pets need lots of attention, so take them with you wherever you go!
    • The Party Pack is great for birthdays, holidays, family activities, and special events
    • Collect them all ~ look for the authentic Wuggle Pets birthmark
    • For ages 4 and up
    • You can make them talk with the optional voice box!

    (insert personal photo)

    I like they come in a starter pack which is great for just your child, you can later by additional add on pets to collect. They also have a really cool party pack that comes with everything you need to make 8 wuggles for only $49.99 this would be great for a birthday party. When you figure what you spend on treat bags the price for each kid to get a Wuggle is not bad at all.

    Check out the infomercial below, WARNING: It is really addictive : )



    (insert personal photo)

    Mine and the kid’s opinion!

    First the kids thoughts my kids love Wuggle Pets in fact Carly is hoping to have saved enough to get additional pets this weekend we saw them for sale at Best Buy. Jack who is 5 clearly said that Wuggle Pets are really cool for boys too and Thor was really fascinated with them. His favorite part was stealing them from his sister and running to make her upset.

    My opinion:

    I was a little worried at first we have been hooked by many infomercials that don’t live up to the hype when you get them home.  I was actually surprised with the Wuggle Pets they were actually really easy to do and have held up well they also teach kids about how to discuss their emotions and feelings. My kids seemed to love them even more because they had made them.

    The only thing I would change is to include the voice box in the kits somehow even if the kits had to be a little more. The voice boxes seem a little pricey to me at $7.99 each, Jack really wanted a voice box but got over it. Carly did not seem to care either way. I just think with the commercial a lot of kids will be a little disappointed if you do not have the voice box.

    Overall it is a really cute toy that my kids really enjoyed. I think Carly loved them the most and we will be adding more Wuggle pets to the collection.

    Connect with Wuggle Pets:

    Visit the Wuggle Pets Site

    Wuggle Pets on YouTube

    Wuggle Pets on Twitter

    Wuggle Pets on Facebook



     I was provided a sample to do my review. This did not affect the kid’s opinion or my own opinion of the product. The above is what we honestly thought. No other compensation was provided.